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Our  qualified  team  works  in  collaboration  with  our  clients, throughout  the design  and  development  process  to  ensure  that  the  website  matches  their  specific  needs  and  expectations.

Our offerings include the following services:

Web design:
Our  web  design  process  includes  the  following  phases:
  • Detailed  meeting  with  the  client  to  assess  his  business  and  hence  his  web design  requirements  and needs.
  • Designing  of  three  prototypes  for  the  prospective  client  on  the  basis  of  his  requirements.
  • The  client  has  the  right  to  make  whatever changes  he  wants  in  his  selected  prototype.
  • Publishing  the  selected  prototype.
  • Collection  of  data  from  the  client. HPSoft can  also  prepare  the  website  data  for  the  client, however  additional  charges  will  be  made  for  this.
  • Embedding  the  data  in  the  website  of  the  client.
  • Testing  and  debugging  of  the  website.
  • 100%  payment  by  the  client.
Website  Maintenance  and  Support
HPSoft  offers  the  following  Website  Maintenance  packages.
Regular  Maintenance:
The  above  package  includes  the  following:
  • Ensuring  that  the  website  runs  smoothly,  without  being  hacked.
  • Protecting  the  entire  website  against  viruses.
  • Ensuring  that  all  the  domains  purchased  for  the  company  remain  under  the  control  of  our  company  and  are  not  taken over  illegally.
  • Sending  timely  reminders  for  the  renewal  of  domains.
  • Hosting  all  the  acquired  websites  on  the  Hpsoft  server.
Standard  Plus  Maintenance:
The  above  package  includes  the  following:
  • Ensuring  that  the  website  runs  smoothly, without  being  hacked.
  • Protecting the entire website against viruses.
  • Ensuring  that  all  the  domains  purchased  for  the company  remain  under  the  control  of our  company  and  are  not  taken  over  illegally.
  • Sending  timely  reminders  for  the  renewal  of  domains.
  • Hosting  all  the  acquired  websites  on  the  Hpsoft  server.
  • Making  changes  to  the  English  text  of  the  websites.  This  includes  alterations  to  the  contents  of  the  websites  which  are  not  a  part  of the  Website  design.
Premium  Maintenance:
The  above  package  includes  the  following:
  • Ensuring  that  the  website  runs  smoothly,  without  being  hacked.
  • Protecting  the  entire  website  against  viruses.
  • Ensuring  that  all  the  domains  purchased  for  the  company  remain  under  the  control  of  our company  and  are  not  taken  over  illegally.
  • Ensuring  that  all  the  domains  purchased  for  the  company  remain  under  the  control  of  our company  and  are  not  taken  over  illegally.
  • Sending  timely  reminders  for  the  renewal  of  domains.
  • Hosting  all  the  acquired  websites  on  the  Hpsoft  server.
  • Making  changes  to  the  English  text  of  the  websites.  This  includes  alterations  to  the  contents  of the  websites  which  are  not  a  part  of  the  Website  design.
  • Making  changes  to  the  images  of  the  websites.  This  includes  alterations  to  those pictures  which are  a  part  of  the  contents  of  the  websites.
  • Changes  in  the  design  of  the  Website  are  not  included  herein.  They  will  require additional  costs.
  • Adding  unlimited  links/ pages  to  the  existing website.  HPsoft,  on the  client’s  request  will create new pages  to  their  existing  website.  However  the  design  of  the  website  will  remain  the  same.
  • Adding  unlimited  scripts,  including  drop- down  menus,  to  your  website.
Multimedia  Design and  Development ( Flash, 3D Animation)
Designing  of  still  flash  and  interactive flash
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  • More than 8 years experience in the IT field
  • A strong team of competent designers and developers
  • Latest technology skills
  • User friendly IT solutions
  • Competitive pricing
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    I have been using HPSoft for 4 years and have always found their service to be excellent.

    For me they have 100% record of always delivering on time and everything is always correct.
    Logo, Visiting card and Brochure design  
    Web Hosting:  
    HPSoft  engages  powerful  servers  for  its  web  hosting services. Our  99%  up  time  and  affordable  hosting  packages  makes  us  one  of  the  most competent  companies  in  the  IT  industry.  Our  dedicated  server  is  located  in  USA.  To ensure data  protection  we  take  regular  back  ups  of  all  our  client  projects  
    Web Development:  
    This includes:  
    • Content management system (CMS)
    • Inventory system
    • Online shopping cart (e-commerce
    • Online Chat application
    • Online form submission
    Websites have  become  a major  marketing  and  selling  tool that  help  increase  brand  recognition and  expand  consumer  base.  Keeping   this  in  view  HPSoft provides  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO).
    Whether  you  need  print  design  solution,  user  experience  design, website  design or  hardcore  web  application development - we  have  our resources  aligned  to stand and  deliver